Comic Reserves



Amok Time features an easy no cost comic reserve service. This free service is available for in store pick up only. Sorry no mail order comics are available at this time. Every Monday Diamond Comics provides a list of comics shipping for the current week. Please note: Not all books are carried and if you do not pre-order them they may not be ordered. We specialize in All DC and Marvel releases. New books arrive every Wednesday at approx 1pm. We recommend you go to go to NEW RELEASES cut and paste the items needed and email them to us at [email protected] Once we receive your list you can come and pick them up. You will get an email confirmation for any comic orders.

In your email please include:
    - Your full name and phone number:
    - What Comics you want:
    - When you will be in to pick them up:

PLEASE NOTE: Amok time can only hold your comics for 3 days. If you fail to pick up your books once, without contacting us, we will not hold any books for you in the future.

1) We try our best to get you what you need, If we get your comic requests late we may not be able to get them for you in time. We recommend all comic fans get us their pull lists as early as possible. By sending in your list early we can accommodate you in the best possible fashion. Also you can come into the store and tell us what you want in person. All pull lists are filled first come first served. If you do not come to pick up your books in three days time they will be returned into stock and your pull list canceled.
2) “Can I cancel or alter my pull list once I start it?” YES, the only thing you need to do is let us know, in person is preferred, online or by phone is also available. Please remember that this is a free service to accommodate you, we appreciate the courtesy of communication when it comes to canceling or changing your list.
3) “What if I miss a book can you still get them for me?” Yes, Most of the time we can help, although prices may be sometimes higher than the original cover price. To avoid price increases we recommend you fill out a list and take advantage of our comic service.

Looking forward to seeing you in the store
Peter Dupree
Store Manager
[email protected]